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Photographic Reproduction Policy and Fees

Personal Use
Patrons who are interested in reproductions of photographs from our collections for personal use (i.e., not for publication or public exhibition) should download and submit an Order Form and Condition Agreement for Personal Use. High resolution images are saved as 300 dpi JPEG files. If you require higher resolution or a different file format, please include your specifications on the order form. JPEG files can be easily emailed. Other formats may require an online drop box.

Commercial and Non-Profit Publication and Exhibition Use
Patrons requesting reproductions of photographs from our collections for publication and/or public exhibition in any medium must submit an Order Form and Permission to Publish Request. Please see our Image Reproduction Fees to determine the cost of your order.

Questions and order forms should be directed to Marianne Heckles, Coordinator of Photograph Collections at

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Image of 1-10-04-88 - General Collection

1-10-04-88 - General Collection

Record Type: Photo

Image of 1-17-03-43 - General Collection

1-17-03-43 - General Collection

Record Type: Photo

Image of 1-04-03-33 - General Collection

1-04-03-33 - General Collection

Record Type: Photo

Image of A-32-01-11 - Churches Album

A-32-01-11 - Churches Album

Record Type: Photo